Friday, 10 June 2011

reading challenge

As a member of the book/reading site Goodreads , I have been updating my reading list and books I have read from the day I first picked up a book as a kid. I had noticed that several friends had started a reading challenge for the year 2011.
This seemed very interesting to me a glorified bookworm, and I decided to set myself a challenge of a 100 books to read this year. Now in June I am on my 57th book, and have been averaging about 9 books a month. I must admit when I was on holiday in April I ploughed through about 10 books in a week and they were very varied in subject.
With the added joy of fridayreads on twitter/facebook my reading list has grown immensely. I enjoy starting a new book every friday and posting it and occasionally I get the odd comment and last week a new friend on facebook. A european friend who lives in france, so as you can see reading brings people closer in many ways. i have made so many bookish friends via tweeter two and getting to know them through twitter has been an interesting and novel experience.