Sunday, 29 April 2012

The House of the Wind

Really enjoyed this book. Three very different but strong women have their story told throughout this book. The character of Mia is enchanting and you get to see her grow throughout the chapters of the book. This story is stein the past and the present. The present day story of Madeline finding herself again after experiencing a tragedy that destroys her faith in life. The introduction of Soren in madeline's life is not only a catalyst in Madeline retracing steps of the mystery of the three female skeleton's found, but also a search that gives her many answers .
The description of Tuscany was powerful and allowed you to escape into your imagination whilst reading Titania Hardie's novel. The ending of the novel was satisfying in not only the discovery and solution to the skeletons discovered, but also the relationships that developed throughout the book. The experiences of friendship, love and loss in the book are heartfelt and comforting. If you love history , mystery and friendship , this book is for you.

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